3 new events, Propast t-shirts and some other stuff…

We are proud to announce that we are organizing 3 new events in near future. Click on links below for more information:

26.10.2014. – Condemnatio Cristi + Black Metal Night @ Blue Moon Music Pub, Belgrade
01.11.2014. – Triumph Of Darkness #1 (over Jagodina) @ Klub Talir, Jagodina
02.11.2014. – Triumph Of Darkness #2 (over Belgrade) @ Dom Omladine, Belgrade

Or on these links if you want to check out facebook event pages:


Also, new limited Propast t-shirt will be available soon. Check the flyer below:


These shirts will be avalible on mentioned events discount price. After 2nd of November they will be avalible on our official bigcartel shop page (shop.misanthropic-intolerance.com).

And here is the sizing chart for our t-shirts:


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Info about Graveland “The Celtic Winter” t-shirts

Due to the circumstances, new Graveland “The Celtic Winter” T-shirts will be a little bit late. We had issues during manufacturing. We are very sorry for this delay, but everything is back on track, and all the shirts will be shipped during Monday, 6th of October. Thanks for your understanding. Everyone interested in getting postage tracking number for their order should contact us.

Also, here are some pictures:


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Graveland – “The Celtic Winter”

Graveland “The Celtic Winter” TS are now available for preorder until 14th of September!

More info on our shop page:

And here are some images:


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Propast – Věstnik Preispodnji on vinyl

We are proud to announce that Propast – Věstnik Preispodnji EP will be re-released on limited 12″ vinyl during October as a cooperation of 3 labels – Necroterror Records (Cyprus), Deathhammer Records (Cyprus) and Misanthropic Intolerance (Serbia).
More info soon.




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Our new tape release will be ready for orders in next few days.
First demo of Likferd (Russia).
More info soon.

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Graveland (2)

Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” – RED logo version

Pictures of Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” TS red logo version. Back is the same as on silver logo version TS.

Graveland (1)Graveland (3)Graveland (4)Graveland (5)Graveland (2)

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graveland - 1

Re-release of Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” T-Shirt – available for PREORDER!

We are proud to announce that second release of Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” t-shirt is available for preorders!
This time shirts will be limited to 60 copies of which 30 with SILVER logo and text with white print combination (identical to ones from first press) and 30 with RED logo and text with white print.

Preorder period will last until 7th of May. Expect shirts to be shipped to you around 14th of May.

You can preorder shirt at misanthropic.bigcartel.com

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graveland - 8

Krieg & Graveland t-shirts

Both Krieg “Unmedicated” and Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” t-shirts are finally finished and will be shipped in Monday to those who preordered them!

Krieg t-shirts are still available here.

Here are the pictures:

krieg - 1krieg - 3krieg - 4krieg - 5krieg - 6krieg - 7krieg - 8graveland - 1graveland - 2graveland - 3graveland - 4graveland - 5graveland - 6graveland - 8

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Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” T-Shirt – SOLD OUT!

Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” t-shirts are sold out in preorder period!
Because of that, if you bought the t-shirt expect it to be shipped to you even earlier (around first week of March)!

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Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” T-Shirt – PREORDER!

We are proud to announce that Graveland “Carpathian Wolves” t-shirt is available for preorders!

Drawing by Khaos Diktator Design!
Limited to 40 copies.

Preorders are starting today and they will end on 5th of March 2014.
Shipping of preordered t-shirts will probably start one week after that (maybe few days before or after). All info on flayer below:
Preorder from misanthropic.bigcartel.com.

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